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Services and Testimonials

Below are a few services and testimonials. For more information, please contact Sylvia.


1) I am a freelance writer who charges by individual project.


"Sylvia Ney has been a contributor to Southern Writer's Magazine for several years. She always brings interesting people to showcase and includes a wealth of information about each one. We are delighted to be associated with Sylvia."

-Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writer's Magazine


2) I am available for speaking engagements and teaching on a variety of topics.


"Sylvia Ney captures the attention of her audience with witty deliveries and engaging presentations. "

- Laurie Kolp, author of Upon the Blue Couch and Hello, it's Your Mother


3) I offer editing services. I charge per page based on the complexity of the material, amount of feedback you request, and the tightness of the deadline in which we agree to operate.


"Sylvia read my writing guide, Captivate Your Readers, last winter (in 2015). The detailed notes she sent me were not only insightful, thoughtful, and accurate, but supportive and encouraging. A critique and edit by Sylvia Ney would make any manuscript stronger and more polished."

- Jodie Renner, editor and award-winning author of Fire up Your

Fiction, Captivate Your Readers, and Writing a Killer Thriller.




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