Sylvia Ney is a freelance writer who regularly contributes to newspapers, magazines, and other anthologies. A few examples can be seen below.

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Available October 27, 2020

Check out the contribution by Sylvia in this amazing collection of stories and activities meant to inspire preteens. It’s a fun way to improve self-confidence, self-esteem, and good decision-making.

Rhonda loses her first love to her cheating cousin. After watching them for months, Rhonda devises a plan to make everything right. However, plans never go quite the way you intend them too.


"Lights Out" is a horror short story.

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Jake Martin stops to rest at Sarah's farm. Her circumstances stir up memories for Jake, and force him to consider the type of life he lives. Can he change his ways or is he permanently broken?


"Broken Angel" is a western short story.

The connection is everything!  Seventeen year-old David Masters has grown up in almost complete isolation, despised by those around him. He is smart, determined, and compassionate. Now, an act of terrorism threatens the lives of millions. Can David help the society who shunned his very existence? Or is all hope for humanity lost? Find out in “WIN”


Exploring the fantastic, ten authors offer incredible visions and captivating stories of diverse reality. These ten YA tales will expand your imagination and twist the tropes of science fiction. Step through the portal and enter another dimension!

Sylvia now contributes to Thrive - a monthly lifestyle magazine focused on providing news and information about living a full, balanced, and healthy life. You can read articles online or discover where to find print copies in Texas and Louisiana:

Sylvia contributes to Southern Writer's magazine where she has the opportunity to work with great writers, editors, and agents. Among her interview subjects are authors from every genre, and both independent editors and editors of large and small presses. She only interviews agents when they are accepting submissions. To learn more about this magazine, visit

Sylvia regularly contributes to Southeast Texas Family and Houston Family magazines. You can visit the websites to read the FREE online versions:  or

Sylvia shares "8 Steps to Creating a Media Kit" in this FREE guide to publishing.

Sylvia's story "Family of Rejects" can be found inside this guide to starting over.

The Southern California Geanological Society published Sylvia's article "Homegrown Love" in the Spring 2014 issue of The Searcher.

Sylvia interviews author Tim O'Brien about living through war, and returning home to share those experiences.

Read Sylvia's story "Feeding the Soul" in this support group preteens can carry in their backpack!

Look for Sylvia's short story "Forgotten Memories" in this disaster relief fund anthology.

Sylvia contributed articles and photos on the aftermath of hurricane Ike.

Sylvia's poem "Secret Admirer" appears in this publication by the National Library of Poetry.